Making Money With Airbnb? Tax and Other Issues

Airbnb is an increasingly popular and lucrative way for residential property owners to earn extra income from short-term rentals of spare rooms, holiday houses, apartments and the like.

Bear in mind these 3 factors –

  1. You need to provide for taxes.

SARS has recently confirmed that your Airbnb earnings (after deduction of allowable expenses) are taxable and must be included in your income tax returns. You will also have to register for VAT if your rental income exceeds R1m per year.

  1. You must comply with the “permitted uses” applying to your property under your local municipality’s zoning regulations.
  1. If you are in a community scheme (Sectional Title or Home Owners Association) check whether the scheme’s rules and regulations allow short-term rentals of this nature, and if so what restrictions apply. Remember you are responsible for any breaches of the rules and for any unlawful or bad behavior by your tenants.
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