Our attorneys will assist you in drafting a contract for any and all commercial law issues.


We understand the importance of setting rules and responsibilities in contracts so let the experts help.


We are specialised in all issues relating to company registrations and shareholder agreements, ensure you are protected with SKV Attorneys.

Commercial attorneys advise and help companies and government on a variety of different business-related issues. Commercial law encompasses a wide range of issues from transactional law, dispute resolutions, criminal, finance and banking to different intellectual and property rights. At SKV Attorneys we cover it all to ensure our clients are getting maximum protection.


Do you require shareholder agreements?

Let us draft those contracts for you to ensure that the correct guidelines are adhered to in an efficient manner.


Are you considering selling your business?

Our Attorneys will facilitate the sale of your business in a manner that is affordable and efficient, we handle all contracts and negotiations.


We aid and assist in all franchising agreements. We will help you assess your investment as well as ensure that all paperwork and financials are handled correctly. Whether you are the franchiser or franchisee we want to see the best possible outcomes for you, through our vast experience in franchise agreements we are able to deliver this service confidently to our clients.

Wanting to buy or sell your business? We can help by auditing your investment or potential buyers and assist in arranging all contracts and negotiations. Buying or selling a business is never an easy task as there is a lot to take into to account, that is why SKV is here. We have overseen many sales of business and will guide and help you through the process in and ensure you are taken care of.

Agency and distribution agreements are fairly common to establish a fiduciary (trust based) relationship. We assist in ensuring both parties are satisfied and an agreement can be made. Distribution rights can often be very difficult to determine as there is often more than one party who has or is looking for distribution rights. Put your business in our hands, we will do the hard work and due diligence on your behalf.

We cover all sale and lease contracts, whether you are selling your house or expensive machinery we help negotiate and set terms for the best possible outcome. Sometimes when selling something there is an emotional attachment which adds perceived value, we are here to guide you through this process and help provide a real valuation.

Also known as a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a contract between two parties whereby they are not allowed to disclose information without the consent of the other party. Confidentiality agreements are a cornerstone of many arrangements and agreements. Use a lawyer that knows and understands how to best draft and explain a confidentiality agreement.

We assist business partnerships in negotiating and setting up responsibilities, profit & loss as well as other rules pertaining to the partnership agreement. Partnerships can often be a tough relationship to navigate as there is always one party that feels they are not getting the right deal. When you come to SKV we ensure both parties are fully satisfied.

Shareholders agreements are the act of defining each of the shareholder’s responsibilities as well as their ownership in the company. With SKV we handle everything from registrations to contract drafting. Make sure you are your shareholders are getting the best possible terms for themselves and the business.

Acquiring or merging businesses can be a stressful and painful task but no worries because our business law attorneys are experienced in handling mergers and acquisitions. We have overseen a multitude of merger and acquisition agreements, we aim to offer our clients the best terms possible.

Deeds of cession are property agreements with the government in order to give up property rights. We will help you navigate the wild waters of cession deeds. If you feel like you need representation to protect your property rights SKV is the right firm for you. Give us a call today for the best protection South Africa has to offer.

When it comes to advertising and sponsorship you can never be too careful, use SKV Attorneys to help you in the process of contract negotiations for your sponsorship or advertising agreements. Sponsorship agreements usually involve a lot of money and both parties are looking to protect their best interests. SKV offers our clients the opportunity to explore the best terms available to them.

Receiving or loaning money can be tricky business, let us help you put a contract in place so that you won’t have to worry about losing your money or no payments. You want to make sure your money is safe, by using SKV we are providing you with that security and peace of mind.


Our business and commercial law departments have got your company covered from every angle, you no longer have to stress over contracts or transactions anymore as we are here to guide and advise you through each and every process.