Transferring ownership can often be a tedious and time consuming task so let us help you.


Struggling to negotiate fair terms for transfer? We are your go-to firm to assist.


We assist in preparing and procuring all documents and paperwork to ensure a successful transfer.

Conveyancing is a division of law that oversees the transfer of ownership rights for a specific property. Conveyancing attorneys help facilitate this transfer and help you procure all documentation and contracts you could need for a successful transfer.

Conveyancing is not often as straightforward as it sounds, many of the responsibilities of your conveyancing lawyer are out of their hands. They are heavily reliant on banks, city councils and other important figures in the transfer of property process as well as buyers who have not completed their deposits. If you need a same-day emergency attorney visit our correspondent page.


Are you looking to purchase a property?

Let us assist you with the transfer of ownership rights and contract drafting pertaining to various conveyancing needs.


Require assistance with SARS compliance?

The new electronic tax act aims to ensure all businesses and individuals must comply with tax laws.


We aid in the transfer of ownership rights for any property. All documentation and paperwork will be taken care of by us. You can rest assured your property and money is in the right hands.

Dealing with banks, bond originators, and real estate agents can be a pain, let us guide you through this process and in the quickest and most efficient way.

We help draft all contracts involved with the transfer of the property and do due diligence on the buyer/seller.

Sometimes there are certain corporations that do not have your best interest in mind and may have many disbursements that you are required to pay. Always check double check your quotes and question disbursements that are not quoted by other law firms.

After all payment and contracts are accepted we finalise(settle) the agreement on behalf of our client.

Whether you are the buyer or seller our transfer attorneys will constantly be updating you on how the transfer is progressing.

We will help you determine the limitations and extent of the properties real rights.

In 2005 SARS announced a new electronic tax act that will ensure all businesses and individuals comply with tax laws. Due to this new law, everyone who is purchasing or selling a property will have to provide a wider variety of documentation and information from VAT registration numbers to purchase methods.


Through our partnership, we offer a full range of conveyancing services to our clients to ensure everything is handled correctly. Send us a message to find out more about our conveyancing services.