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Criminal charges have a detrimental effect on the offender involved. Your rights are important and must be exercised.

SKV Attorneys has a dedicated criminal law department. We understand that any criminal matter has a severe emotional impact and it is therefore our passion to assist and to have any potential charges that may have been tabled against yourself, dealt with swiftly, expeditiously and discreetly.

Our criminal law department will investigate every aspect of your case and will ensure that all avenues are pursued even before your matter sees the inside of a Court Room. Our Law Firm can assist on various levels specific to your criminal matter. We are able to assist with after-hour bail applications, police bail applications, bail applications at Court, formal bail applications at Court.

If your matter then proceeds any further we can assist in having the necessary expertise at your disposal to adequately prepare for trial and to ensure that the evidence available in your matter is presented in Court, because the restriction of your right to freedom and movement is number one on our priority list. Your welcome to view the further assistance that we can offer specific to certain criminal matters as is contained below on our webpage. Do not let your matter escalate any further, ensure that you have expert legal assistance at your disposal. Our offices have dealt with criminal matters successfully from common assault matters, driving under the influence and all the way through to the more serious crimes. If you need to rid yourself of some assets please visit our conveyancing page.


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At SKV Attorneys we understand the detrimental impact criminal matters may have on your personal and professional life.


Do you have a pending DUI case against you?

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We handle all forms of bail applications that arise for a multitude of charges and offences. Bail can primarily be granted three main parties. This refers to the police, the prosecutor and lastly the court. Depending on the severity of the offence, each of these parties has the power to grant a bail application.

Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drunk driving is a common reality in the daily lives of many individuals. There is no excuse for drunk driving, however, we believe that our clients have the right to the protection of their interests and well-being.

Being charged with the possession of drugs, either for personal use or for the intent to sell (distribute) is a serious criminal offence and is punishable by the law. Our criminal defence attorneys will determine exactly what offences apply to your case should you wish to plead not guilty.

A multitude of aspects surround criminal cases and specifically cases involving offences against a person. Commonly these cases include offences such as assault, assault GBH, criminal negligence, false imprisonment, kidnapping, robbery, sexual assault and rape.

Criminal acts against property are the result of burglary, theft, robbery, extortion and fraud. If you are the victim of any of the above or may have a criminal charge against you, then get in touch with us today.

The criminal offence of attempted murder will be committed even though the actual murder (killing) did not occur and the defendant thus failed to complete the crime. Elements of attempted murder include: 1) A deliberate or reckless behaviour with disregard for human life. 2) The intention to actually kill someone. 3) Substantial evidence pointing in the direction that considerable steps were taken to commit murder.

Murder falls part of a larger scope of criminal offences. Specifically, homicide relates to intentional killings, such as murder, and non-intentional killings, such as manslaughter. Within murder, two degrees are evident: First-degree murder & second-degree murder. With manslaughter, two degrees occur: Voluntary manslaughter & involuntary manslaughter.


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