Jealousy in Marriage

Factors to Consider During a Divorce

It is proven that there is a spike in divorce during tough economic times.

Tough times makes for tough relationships, finances are one of the main stresses on a relationship and a lot of fights begin with money problems. There may be a chance that this issue could ultimately be the protection of a marriage. Two households are always more expensive than one but pay attention to the signs your marriage could be headed for a divorce. If you are in a relationship where you feel unloved, unappreciated and lonely then its time to consider a change if possible.

Too many people get into relationships without having any idea of the other person’s financial situation and that causes huge problems down the line for some. For this reason, all couples should consider drawing up a pre-nuptual agreement. Even a serious discussion about your assets, earning potential and financial expectations should be in line with one another’s goals.

Divorce Factors

Marriage is hard and it is even harder when you are facing monetary problems.


Is infidelity the real issue?

This is usually a sign that the relationship is already on the rocks. It is normally indicative of deeper issues.

In most cases divorce courts really do not care who is at fault for the breakdown of the relationship, usually the court doesn’t even want to know who did what to whom. This won’t affect the court’s decision about money, spousal support, or custody, unless it specifically impacts the well-being of the kids.

Any time you’re tempted to write an angry text or an incensed email, consider how it will sound if read aloud in front of a courtroom full of people. Anything that is put in writing can be used against you. Even if your rants don’t end up in front of a judge they could be read by your kids someday, which could feel worse.

Divorce is not necessarily about punishment

It’s easy to look at divorce to make your spouse pay literally and figuratively but exacting your revenge is not the point. Some people may want their spouse to experience consequences or repercussions from the bad things that were done but the divorce courts are not for punishment but rather to divide assets and set custody. That’s it.

infidelity in marriage

Do not punish your partner or children for what has gone wrong with the marriage, instead try fix them or end this amicably.

Young children can be marriage breakers

Children add a tremendous strain and responsibility during a time of life that can already be challenging, this. Your children can either bring you closer together or drive you apart. Staying together for the sake of children is admirable but ultimately it will not be a healthy environment if there is no love between the parents.

Divorce is tough no matter how long you have been together.

It’s not how young or old you were when you were married but it’s about recognising that the issue of trying to blend two established lives both have benefits and trials. Having decided that divorce is the best option remember its not a life sentence, it’s a fresh start and doing this amicably can only be beneficial if there are children involved.

Issues that need to be resolved before consulting a lawyer

Spouses need to agree on issues like death, disease, employment, family and location. People often prefer to avoid difficult conversations with their partner. But failing to speak frankly about these issues means you will have to face them at a later stage and you will be unprepared. Knowing what you will do about important issues before they are a problem is a big step to staying saving money on legal advice and interventions.

People change, for better or worse

It may seem obvious but so many of us think that the person we married is going to stay the same forever and we end up surprised when this does not happen. Some changes improve people while others will not get accustomed. Surprisingly both types of change have landed couples in a divorce court. To save yourself this kind of pain, learn to be flexible and accepting of change, even if you don’t like it at first. It takes two people to get into a relationship and it takes at least that many to make it end. People who think their marriage problems are solely the fault of their partner are delusional and doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

Good advice is to marry the person you’re with, not the person you hope they will one day become. People often go into a relationship confident that they can change the other person. This is a common reason people end up in a divorce court. Yet it can be really hard to leave, so either learn to love that person or let them go.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, there are a multitude of things to consider when going through or considering a divorce. If you need someone to talk to during this time of divorce. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with SKV.

Thanks for reading. Until next time!

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