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We are one of South Africa’s premier child custody lawyers. Divorce & separation can often have a bigger impact on children than we think, they carry the weight of both parents emotional turmoil and are often in a hostile environment. Here at SKV Attorneys Inc. we ensure you and your child get fair representation and we act in the best interest of your children.

We provide an array of contact and care solutions specific to primary residence inclusive of the non-custodial parent, which is matched with highly successful strategies that assist in attaining successful outcomes.



Maintenance is the responsibility of parents to provide financial support to their children in the form of education, healthcare, and food.


Maintenance is the responsibility of parents to provide financial support to their children in the form of education, healthcare, and food.


Child custody can be divided into primary residence and contact in respect of the non-custodial parent. Let SKV help you and your children.

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Many various circumstances may arise when dealing with on-going custody battles. Primarily these involve aspects such as the day-to-day care of a minor, visitations concerns and agreements as well as the exploration of co-holders of parental rights.

Child Maintenance forms the basis that each parent has the duty to financially support their child. With regards to maintenance that is payable to your minor children, this is legislation and regulated in the Maintenance Act.

Whether your battles pertain to obtaining sole physical custody or joint custody, you can rest assured that our highly experienced team at SKV Attorneys Inc. are perfectly suited to handle all delicate matters pertaining to the custody of your child.

We strive to provide the utmost in trusted legal advice and representation for a multitude of divorce circumstances that bring about various issues surrounding maintenance, child custody as well as concerns regarding residency.

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In 2005 a new children’s act was introduced into the constitution. The act pertains to different aspects of children whose parents are going through a divorce in terms of; the age of majority, custody, child support, child protection, children’s court, daycare, guardianship, and paternity.

Ensuring that your children are not emotionally hurt and stray too far from normal life is one of our top priorities. We will do our very best to get a favourable decision for you and your children as well as make sure they are well taken care of.


We provide outstanding and professional legal services for a wide array of legal expertise. We place great value on developing long-lasting client relationships. Our experienced attorneys will lead you through the child custody process seamlessly. Get in touch with us today.