Litigation Law services


Our team of litigators will do our very best to represent you in the court of law.


Going to court is often painful and expensive, we do our best to get our clients the best outcome possible.


No matter the situation you find yourself in we will help you settle any and all disputes in a timely and inexpensive manner.

Litigation is the term used to describe the process of going to court in order to assist a private party or legal entity with a claim that one party may have against the other. Litigation is a stressful process but having the right litigation lawyer by your side can make the process as easy as possible. With SKV Attorneys we do our best to get our clients a favourable outcome.


Do you need advice in reaching a resolution?

We have vast experience in dealing with a wide variety of settlements and disputes for many different contracts.


Are you owed payment for services rendered?

Let us assist you through this time-consuming process. We cover all areas of debt collecting and ensure all contracts are fulfilled.


Have a tenant who hasn’t paid? Or maybe a landlord that is not honouring their agreement? Then let us help you settle all disputes between landlords and tenants.

Contractual disputes can often destroy relationships and are very stressful for both parties. Let us guide you through the process in the least painful way.

Looking to apply for a recession of judgment? This can be a very complicated process and will require an in-depth audit into your financials.

We cover all areas of debt collecting and ensure all contracts are fulfilled. If you are struggling to collect, we are your go to company.

Has your property been damaged by unruly tenants or by other means? Then let us help you protect your assets. We also attend to other property disputes such as eviction and rental payments.

Have you recently been in an accident and are looking to receive compensation or protection? Then we are your go-to attorneys for all motor vehicle accident issues. Anyone can get into an accident, it happens to everyone but it must be ensured that you take the right steps after the incident occurs.

Business disputes can often arise when two parties have a disagreement over a binding contract and wish to rescind or add conditions to the contract. Commercial disputes can be a lengthy process, especially when both parties do not see eye to eye, however, with SKV you can be assured that we will look to get the dispute resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Disputes between private persons is a dispute between two or more private citizens, whereby one party is seeking damages from the other for a variety of different reasons. Damages can include things such as medical fees, repair of property as well as mental well being among other things.

When it comes to large contracts and a lot of money on the line, your business wants the very best protection possible, with SKV Attorneys that is exactly what you get.


Civil litigation is a dispute between two or more parties that want monetary damages or performance rather than press criminal charges. If you have been wronged or owed something but do not wish to incur criminal sanctions then civil litigation is what you need. Civil cases can become complicated as more claims and defenses are put forward by respective parties, you will need a civil litigation lawyer to help you navigate through the process.