May 2018
22nd May 2018

How the “Historical Rates” Judgement Affects You

It is declared that, upon transfer of a property, a new owner is not liable for debts arising before transfer from the charge upon the property …” (Constitutional Court Order) How does the recent C...
Dec 2017
2nd Dec 2017

Don’t Drink and Drive! The Legal Limits, The Risks and Advice If Arrested

With stats showing that at least 50% of road deaths are alcohol-related, the authorities will no doubt ensure that once again the Festive Season is also the Season of Roadblocks. What happens if you a...
2nd Dec 2017

Employers and Employees: How to Handle Sexual Harassment at Work

“…there is a newunderstanding andappreciation of theprevalence of sexualharassment in the workplaceand of its devastating effectson the victim. It hasbecome, in effect, asystemic and recurringharm”…“I...
2nd Dec 2017

Selling Property this Festive Season? 3 Tips for a Smooth Transfer

The Festive Season can be a great time to sell a property and to buy it. Warm weather, sunny gardens and bright rooms, lots of holidaying visitors, and more time on your hands generally all help to st...
2nd Dec 2017

It’s Wedding Season! Here’s Why You Need an ANC (Whether You Marry Here or Overseas)

“He was a dreamer, athinker, a speculativephilosopher... or, as his wifewould have it, an idiot”(Douglas Adams) Note: Although by way of example we explore below the “international wedding” scenari...
Sep 2017
2nd Sep 2017

Property Sellers: Don’t Pay Future Rates

“Cause they told me everybody's got to pay their dues And I explained that I had overpaid them” (Sixto Rodriguez in ‘Cause’) Before you as seller can transfer your property to the buyer, you must...
2nd Sep 2017

The R1m Buffalo that Died: A Lesson in Passing of Risk

We buy and sell things every day, and no doubt most of us assume that it is only when we become the owner that we take the risk of our purchase being damaged or destroyed. Not always – in our law, pas...
2nd Sep 2017

Making Money With Airbnb? Tax and Other Issues

Airbnb is an increasingly popular and lucrative way for residential property owners to earn extra income from short-term rentals of spare rooms, holiday houses, apartments and the like. Bear in min...
2nd Sep 2017

7 Myths About Making a Will

"Let's choose executors and talk of wills" (Shakespeare) If you haven't made your will yet, get it done now. Why is that so important and how should you go about it? To answer that let's debu...